Why you should implement water fed pole systems in your business


Window cleaning businesses can be very successful if their services remain impeccable. However, every business has its costs and as a manager, it is your job to think of ways to lower them and make your business more profitable. While some may think that investing in water fed pole systems is just not a viable option, the fact is that water fed pole supplies bring a lot of advantages to the table:

Increase your speed

How long does your average window cleaner take to clean a window? A water fed pole could cut that time in half! It may be hard to believe, but these systems are designed to remove all the dirt and dust gathered on a window and its frame while still completing everything extremely fast. A faster cleaning time means more projects and therefore a larger profit. It is true that it will take some time before your cleaners get used to the system, but once they do the effects will be incredible. You will finally be able to take more clients and gradually increase your business.


Increased safety

One of the biggest problems in the window cleaning industry is safety. With so many accidents that happen because of the height workers need to be at, implementing a system that can potentially lower these risks and accidents would be amazing. The water fed pole can reach higher levels and windows, so the cleaner would not have to climb all the way up. In fact, everything is done from the safety of the ground and you can have the peace of mind that your workers are always safe.


Opportunities to offer new services

In every job you have there are opportunities to offer new services that you could not offer before. Whether it is conservatory roofs, solar panels or anything else, you will now be able to clean many more glass services than you used to before and thus the additional revenues will make their way as well. You will also be able to tap into another market and potentially expand your market share. However, while it is true that expanding your list of clients will help your business become more profitable, but you can also increase your profits by offering additional services to your existing clients.


With all this in mind, it is easy to understand why these systems are becoming more and more appealing to window cleaning businesses and why they could benefit your business as well. Like any new thing, it will require an investment from your part at the beginning, but this type of system will soon pay for itself, especially if you know how to advertise it properly. When you improve your services you can rest assured that new clients will soon start to come, so advertise your services properly and the clients will soon start to come. In addition, you can buy water fed pole supplies at affordable rates from reliable suppliers and have them delivered to your location in a very effective time frame.