Why Store Bought Bread is Bad for the Environment

If you want to protect your health and your family’s health, it’s time to eat healthier and avoid buying processed foods that cause harm to your health and also to the environment. Store bought bread is considered to be processed, so it would seem wise to make bread at home instead of buying it from the store. You can learn more about the bad effects of bread on the environment by reading the next article.

The plastic packaging harms the environment

Store-bought bread is packed in plastic or nylon see-through bags to keep it fresh and prevent it from drying or developing mold. However, as you probably already know by now, plastic bags are laced with chemicals and once they are thrown, they can be ingested by marine animals. The plastic debris can also injure or even poison wildlife. In addition to that, the plastic packaging can leach dangerous chemicals that are spread into groundwater and the floating plastic water is hard to get rid of because it can survive for thousands of years in water.

Plastic bread clips represent a health hazard

The plastic bread clips that are used to keep plastic bags closed, can also pollute the environment and you can see this with the naked eye. Most people that use bread to feed ducks or other animals get rid of the plastic bread clips by throwing them on the ground or even in the water. Other than harming wildlife, the bread clips are ingested by older humans, according to an article published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. If ingested these small plastic bread clips can cause a small-bowel perforation and other health problems.

Reasons why a bread maker is a better solution

Instead of buying bread from the store and harm your health due to the chemicals and preservatives that are used to make bread and keep it fresh for a lot of time, you can consider making bread at home.

  • It’s good for your health
    By using a bread maker to make bread, you ensure that the ingredients you use in the preparation of bread are entirely safe for human consumption and that they don’t cause any adverse health effects.
  • A bread maker is worth the investment
    A high quality bread maker can cost around $500 or more, but if you take a look at some of the bread makers analyzed , you will see that you can find a decent machine for less than $100. Even if you decide to invest more in a bread maker, you can recoup the money in just a couple of months by not having to pay extra on store bought bread. Making bread at home can cost you 50% less than buying one from the store.