What type of granite you can use for your countertop

Either if you love cooking or not, your kitchen has to look like the heart of the house. Make the look of your kitchen like the ones from magazine, and use it as family space. You can spend time with your children in the Sundays while preparing pancakes. Because the new trend in home designing is multi-purpose, your kitchen became dining room, entertainment area or even desk. Today’s kitchens are painted in sophisticated colours, have innovative components and are finished with a stylish touch. The perfect kitchen makes the cooker feel pleasure when working there, and offers comfort for the rest of the family. Accessorizing the kitchen with an Ottawa granite countertop gives it a modern touch and because this countertop material is expensive be sure that you chose the perfect colour, because you won’t be able to change it very soon.

For a chameleonic look chose the gray granite, which is versatile and let you change the theme from your kitchen whenever you want. For a clean image use white flooring, stainless steel appliances and clear glass tiles. For a pop of colour, accessorize it with a dynamic shade as fuchsia, red or blue. Use the opposite colour for the countertop, black and accessorize it with honey-coloured cabinets. Use the same colour for the floor and use red accessories to highlight the room. Other option of contrasting the black countertop is to add a light splash on the walls and floor. Use the other option of classic colours for the countertop, brown laced with cream and black for a summer look. Accessorize it with cream or wood cabinetry and add accent colours for the rest of the accessories. Create an elegant look in the room by choosing a white granite countertop. White complements all cabinets’ colours and is perfect for a clean and modern look. Stay on this colour scheme and buy white appliances.


Keep in mind that there are not two pieces of granite of the same shade, so  you have to be sure of the colour scheme you want for your countertop and do not buy it until you see it. If you want a rarer version than the traditional colours, try different versions and combinations of green, blue or red. They will add a little drama to your kitchen with the right accessories. For example, the seafoam green has mixed in its texture shades of green, gray and brown. This combination makes the countertop look like it has a geometric model. Do not forget, make a wise choice and pick the countertop that will fit your designing ideas five years from now, because granite is an expensive material.