What to know when buying patio doors

People often choose patio doors in order to make a room more appealing. Either for getting a better view of the yard or to change the aspect of the room by letting in more light, they make an excellent addition to any home. Patio Doors Toronto are nothing like the previous courtyard doors that are known for their inability to prevent heat leakages and poor security. Those that are available on the market today are significantly improved in terms of functionality. In other words, they are energy efficient, as well as being effective security mechanisms. However, many people get confused when having to shop for sliders and often end up with bad choices. The following guideline is meant to facilitate your shopping experience.

Check the measurements

The first thing you should do is to make sure that the sliders will actually fit in the room. Sliders are available in multiple sizes that usually reflect the common measurements. However, attention should be paid to the fact that not all homes are the same and consequently these measurements can vary significantly. You should know that even a fraction of an inch could have a powerful impact. When you come across a patio door, make sure to start measuring the length between the studs in the wall. Evaluate the distance from the top of the inside portion to the top of the subfloor and be careful so as to check if the sides match. Equally important is that the sliders should be smaller than expected, but not larger. However, it is always best to let the contractor get accurate measurements of the product.

Typical materials

Sliders can be manufactured from many materials such as wood or metal. Other common materials are vinyl, fiberglass, steel and aluminum. Fiberglass resembles wood in terms of aspect and durability, but it is not susceptible to deteriorate from weather conditions. A similar material is aluminum that is resists corrosion and is generally cheaper than hard wood. Economical options include steel that is extremely versatile owing to its ability to adapt to virtually any climate. No matter the material, it is vital that the sliders resist extreme weather conditions such as ice, rain and humidity. This is why so many of them are treated so as to repel water and endure extreme temperatures. The number of panes of the windows is also important because the more panes you have, the more you will be protected from heat and cold.


The style of the patio door does not only reflect the aesthetics of the room, but it also has an impact on the functionality. The most popular choice are gliding doors because they allow a lot of light to enter the room as well as being easy to maintain. Swinging entrances often hang in pairs and feature full glass panels. They are typically called French doors and they resemble very much standard sliders. On the other hand, a folding patio operates accordion-style and is available in multiple configurations.