Tips on how to decorate your home office

When you are working from home, you should take into consideration designing a room to be your office. You can create it as a work-friendly space, which can be brilliantly designed if you start organising from a spare corner. Chose a room that provides you a little sunshine every day, because nothing is more pleasant than working in a naturally lightened room. If you want to make it look like an expensive space, you can buy an Eames lounge chair and ottoman to add a luxurious touch to the entire room. If you have not decided how your office should look, here are some tips about how different types of offices should be designed.

The city studio office

If you have an apartment, you can design a small contemporary office to fit the atmosphere of the agglomerated city. You can inspire from how offices are designed in London and create a wall of space enhancing for your discreet office. Add mirrored doors and paint the walls in grey for a modern look. Set your desk and lounge chair in front of a window and place a tall bookcase in one of the corners of the room. Keep all your furniture items in the same colour to blend with the room’s look. If the space allows you, add floating shelves and a couch for the persons that may want to visit you while working.

The contemporary house office

You can hire a licensed designer to create the perfect office or you can follow these simple tips to make the last decorated room from the house fit the whole look. You can choose a built in desk and a nude carpet on the floor. Do not paint the walls of the room, leave the bricks to speak for their selves and complement them with yellow shelves and a pink table. The lounge chair can be picked in a nude colour and other two patterned chairs should be purchased to match the pink table. They can mix nude and colourful tones, like cream for the front and a flower print on the back. The windows play an important role in designing this type of office. Choose a room with a big window and accessorise it with circle-patterned curtains.

Dark tones office

This type of office can fit any type of house, being it an apartment or a mansion, and both men and women can use it. All you have to do is paint the walls in dark brown and write on them some inspiring messages with white paint. Place a wood desk in front of one of the walls and accessorise it with a monochrome nightlight. A cream or white lounge chair will fit perfect this decorum. If you have space add a wooden bookshelf near the desk or if you have a small room use a bookshelf inspired wallpaper. Complement the whole look with a darker carpet and a plush velvet seating and heavy silk curtain for the windows.