The Secret to Maintaining a Lovely Garden

One of the reasons people decide to give up their apartments and buy house is have their own garden, whether vegetable or flower. For a homemaker that does not know anyone in the neighbourhood can spend her time tending to the flowers. Although you have managed to keep the plants alive, your job is not over yet. With just the right amount of time spent in the garden, you can avoid later inconveniences and everyone will envy your flowers. Once you understand the basic of garden maintenance Dublin, you can ensure that your brilliantly colored flowers will always look their best. To maintain a magnificent garden, you need the following: adequate equipment, sound technique and thorough organization that ensures the success of any project. It is also useful to consider the following tips from the pros.

Necessary equipment

Many women actually transform gardening into a passion and they treat their flowers as if they were their children. When it comes down to your flowers, no piece of equipment is good enough. Thus, you have to look for the best equipment available on the market if you want your flowers and trees to thrive. The first things that you should buy are a pair of hoses, rakes, spades, pruners and a wheelbarrow. If you want to purchase quality goods that will last you for many years, then you should shop from a reputable dealer and see how the tools were made. Otherwise, you risk spending your money on pieces that will break immediately. When shopping for tools, orient yourself towards those manufactured from stainless steel because it is rust free. After having made your choice, deposit them properly in a basket or in the garage.

If you have a lawn in your garden, you should definitely buy a quality lawn mower. For a very large lawn, go for a riding mower. For a smaller lawn, go for a push mower, maybe even an electric one which is more environmentally friendly.

Water, water, water

When tending to the needs of the plants, it is important to keep the soil moisture. Besides being careful not to destroy the roots when you dig the ground, you should also pay attention to the degree of moisture in the soil. As the plats mature, they will require larger and wider root zones. Watering should soak the soil deeply and you should not limit the watering to just a couple of inches since the plants will have difficulties in growing deep roots. Shallow watering actually does more damage than good and it stresses the plants. Taking into consideration that flowers have specific watering needs it is necessary to check them weekly. Remember that plants tend to lose water during dry weather and during periods of low humidity you will have to water more than usual.


Based on the test performed on the soil, add fertilizer and soil amendment. You have two options when it comes to the fertilizer: organic and mineral. In terms of organic fertilizer, you can use blood meal, but you can also use crushed stone. Another excellent option is compost that has a slow release. Nevertheless, it is advisable to stay away from chemical fertilizers since they have thy can potentially damage the plants and the trees. More is never better in terms of quantity used, but if you are practicing succession planting, the extra fertilizer comes in handy.


Weeds are extremely dangerous for the life of any plant because they take their water and nutrients. You should particularly look out for weeds when the humidity in the air is very low, and the process has to take place regularly, otherwise the weeds can get out of control. When removing the weeds, make sure to eliminate the roots as well so they will not grow back again. Water the area a little because it will be easier to pull them out of the soil.