The road towards the ideal shelving design

Warehouses come in different shapes and sizes, depending of course on the type of business you are running. For this reason, entrepreneurs need to focus on choosing the right design, as this will influence the efficiency of the team working there. It is simple to imagine how a wrong, complicated design could affect the work of the team. Therefore, shelving design is a matter that needs to be treated accordingly by all entrepreneurs. To accomplish this goal, here is how professional suppliers handle this matter. Here is the road towards finding and installing the ideal shelving design.


The initial client-designer talk


This is the first and probably the most important phase of the entire process. The moment you decide for a supplier, you need have a discussion with the design team and explain the members part of it exactly what your needs and requirements are. In order to come up with an adequate plan for your warehouse, the designers needs to know what it is you will be placing in the storeroom, as this will determine the type of materials used in the actual design. Also, all discussions of this kind should be followed by actual site visits. It is crucial for the designers to see what the client is talking about. Some specialists will decide to see the site first and then have the talk, so that they can better envision a design. In all cases, a complete, detailed discussion regarding the client’s needs and expectations, including budget limitations, combined with a site visit is the first most important step in coming up with the ideal design.


Coming up with real options


This is the part of the process in which the designer does the work. The client simply needs to sit back and wait to be contacted by the supplier. If you are collaborating with a professional company, you won’t have to wait that long for a response. In this phase of the process all the details that have been thoroughly discussed will now be put into reality, into an actual CAD project. This way, when the client receives the design suggestions, he will be able to have an accurate perspective of them, all thanks to the computer realized drafts. Also, together with the drafts, the client will also receive price quotations for each option, helping him to decide faster on a design.


The installation of the shelving system


This is the last step of the process. Surely, you can imagine that without delivery there would be no system installation. So, actually, this last step of the project is made up of two phases and both of them to be defined by speed. The faster the system parts are delivered, the sooner the actual installation can begin. Also, another aspect that is worth mentioning is actually about the team performing the installation. This has to be skilled, experienced and properly trained, so that the installation can run smoothly.


This is how a professional supplier works. Listen, create and install, these are the three steps to properly designing a storage system.