The most popular printed t-shirts designs


Printed t-shirts have become a real trend in the past years, so if you want to keep up with all the changes in fashion, then you need to have at least one of these in your wardrobe. Custom made garments are not only very stylish but also representative for the person wearing them, which is why it seems that they will be around for quite some time. There are plenty of models and styles available in clothes shops, but if you want something really original or you cannot find anything you like in stores, just get in touch with a company specialised in custom screen printing and create your own garments. Since the clothes should represent the personality of the ones wearing them, try to stand out with a personalised t-shirt, which will help you communicate better and express your preferences. Here are some of the most popular design ideas that you can use in order to get unique printed t-shirts:

Famous logo t-shirts

It is well known that a picture can say more than a thousand words, which is why a lot of brands have managed become famous for their logos and not for their slogans. Whether you are thinking about the legendary restaurant “Hard Rock Café” or the logo of Apple, for instance, these speak louder than any slogan or phrase. Besides companies, superhero logos are also extremely popular. The power of this phenomenon has reached fashion, and the logos of Superman or Batman can be seen on various pieces of clothing, especially t-shirts. The bat signal is one of the most popular icons representing a genuine cultural phenomenon, which defines the community of those who are passionate about comics.

Band printed t-shirts

An iconic image of your favourite music band printed on your t-shirt is exactly what you need to show your appreciation and loyalty. There are plenty of designs which illustrate the logo of bands which have shaped the history of music, among which the most common are the “lick” graphic representative for The Rolling Stones or the recognizable fond and thunder of AC-DC – and these are only some mere examples. This type of t-shirts are perfect if you are about to attend a concert or simply express your musical preferences.

Funny quote

Printing a funny quote on a t-shirt is definitely a hilarious thing to do and everyone will appreciate your creativity. Maybe the most popular message is the “keep calm and” phrase followed by a catchy line, such as “carry on” or “love chocolate”. Of course, you can get even more creative, but make sure you do not print a quote that is too long, because no one will take time to read it, so your message will be useless.

Tuxedo T-Shirt

In case you are not quite the type who wears official clothes, except for special occasions, then a tuxedo printed t-shirt is a great option. This means than on the plain t-shirt, you will have printed an imitation of a shirt, blazer and even a tie or bow-tie. This type of garment is the perfect combination between the elegant and the laid-back style, so you can wear it regardless the occasion.