The benefits of granite worktops

If you are in the process of renovating your kitchen and are looking for superior worktop choices, then granite is definitely for you. Popular thanks to its elegant and luminous look, it is often coveted by people who want to achieve a modern design, but the benefits of this material go beyond aesthetics. In fact, if you talk to one of the many granite worktops Essex experts, you will find out that their product has many financial and practical benefits. Despite its association with kitchen countertops, it can actually be used for other rooms as well, because it is very versatile and its many colours and patterns match a wide array of interior décor styles.


One of the most sustainable materials

When it comes to sustainability, few materials are stronger than granite. Once you install it, you can rest assured that it will not burn, break or crack easily. It takes great pressure to damage granite worktops, so unless you plan to smash it with a sharp object on purpose, you should not worry about daily wear and tear. In fact, it is so strong that you can place a hot pan on it and not cause any damage. If you are particularly experimental in the kitchen or simply don’t want to worry about repairs, you should have a look at some granite designs.


A hygienic choice that requires minimal maintenance


Are you concerned about the harmful bacteria that can gather on the worktop surface and infect your food? In this case, you should install granite instead of wood or other materials, because it prevents contamination and keeps the surface as sanitary as possible. If you live with small children or have immunity issues, your doctor might even recommend you to reconsider your choice of countertop material. What is more, granite is extremely easy to clean and maintain: you only need a soft cloth and a bottle of classic detergent!


Granite worktops add value to your home


To make things even better, this material adds value to your home, so you might consider installing it if you plan on selling or renting the property. Real estate agents often recommend their clients to refurbish certain areas of the house so it can be more appealing and choosing granite for the kitchen is one of their pieces of advice. In the past years, the market has encouraged natural and elegant designs and this means that the value of this classic material will only increase with time.