Stay in shape with zumba classes

Zumba is a fun fitness program created by aerobics instructor Beto Perez by chance. After forgetting his workout music at home, he needed to improvise and used a CD with salsa and samba music to teach a class. That improvisation became the dance and cardio workout known today as zumba. Currently, this fitness program is extremely popular around the world and numerous gyms and fitness centres offer classes. If you wish to get in shape fast in a fun and healthy way, you should take zumba classes Golden Grove. Combining fitness programs with other health components such as nutritional diets will bring results instantly without requiring you making any sacrifices. The commitment to lose weight and stay fit is less challenging, if you get to dance and have fun in order to achieve an ideal fitness level.

The Zumba Program


Zumba classes typically last only 60 minutes starting with warm-ups that prepare your body for the intense workout. A certified zumba instructor will continue with a series of exercises fit for salsa, hip hop and Latin music which plays on the background. Songs are chosen for their potential to be combined with high impact choreography. The program generally ends with a cool down period.


Components of zumba


Besides the high impact choreography typical to this fitness program, zumba is combined with cardiovascular exercises. In fact, zumba is a combination between cardio training, muscular strength and dance. To get in shape, you will need to pay attention to all components, because simple cardio will not help you gain the stunning body you are dreaming, not to mention that without exercises for muscle strength, your body shape will not be ideal. To be completely in s shape, you need to follow the instructions of your zumba trainer thoroughly.


The results


An entire hour of dancing can burn more calories than you can imagine and you will not even feel it, because you will have fun. Zumba is a form of dance combined with cardio exercises. In other words, it is a form of dancing with the highest possible efficiency in bruning calories and shaping the body. The beauty of this fitness program is that you will not get tired of it. Zumba is fun and exciting, not to mention that results come easily, so you will easily fall in love with it.