Skills and qualities a nanny should have

Many persons consider that having a baby means staying home until they grow up. But this should not be the case in the modern society, because people have the possibility to hire a nanny. They are professionals, who have experience in this domain, and know how to treat your baby. After hiring a nanny you do not have to worry anymore, because you know that there is someone who is taking care of your little one, as well as you would do, if you were home. But, before hiring a person from a nanny agency London, you should talk with her to see if she has the qualities and skills this profession requires.


The first thing you should look for when hiring a nanny is experience, because you have to be sure that she knows how to handle different situations. Babysitting is a profession which takes preparation, skill and confidence. The skills required by babysitting are gained through experience, and you as a parent should want a person who knows how to think when unplanned situations arise and stay coolheaded when a child is injured or upset. If they have experience they have learned how to make the best decisions while the parents are on the job.


When you plan to hire a nanny you have to be sure that you can trust her, because you let your child in her care, but she also has access to all the belongings from your house. A trustworthy person follows the rules of a household, pays attentions to your children and keeps them safe. You do not want a person who is texting friends or invites her boyfriend to visit her to your house, while she is taking care of your children. The best way to find out if you can trust a person or not, if to ask for former customers’ reviews, and see what they have to say about her services.


Because she has to take care of children she has to be patient, because your little ones might be quite active, and they might not make her work easier. In case she has experience, she has practiced patience with other children, and you can be sure that she will know how to treat your children. She will have to remind them do their chores, but not to lose her patience in case they forget. She only has to continue to gently remind them, until they end the tasks successfully.


This is one of the most important qualities a nanny should have, because you have to be sure that your children will not be only good cared, but they will also have a great time when you are at the job. They do not have to feel that you are missing, and there is no better way to distract a child’s attention that playing. She does not have to be the kind of person who lets the children spend hours in the front of the TV, she has to find different ways to make them be active and have fun.