Ribbon garden decorations – ingenious crafting

Decorating your garden does not have to be an overwhelming task, on the contrary, it can be fun and exciting, as long as you choose a manageable crafting project such as hanging ribbons on tree branches and attaching bows on pots. You will be able to create a beautiful garden decoration with a bit of ingenuity and dexterity without even spending that much money. You can purchase ribbons of various colors and patterns online from specialized stores at truly affordable price, so you can decorate your whole garden without requiring a large budget. Using ribbons as decorations for your garden is cost and time effective, not to mention that it will look terrific.

How to use the ribbons


Ribbons can be hung, tied and attached to things, so buy as much crafting material as you can, because you will probably need it. Of course, there is a limit to how much sashes you can hang before it all becomes too tacky, but a large garden will require at least a couple of rolls of ribbon to ensure that you have everything covered. You can buy ribbon on large rolls at wholesale, so the expenses will be minimal. Instead of purchasing already made bows, you can craft them yourself easily. You can even make it into a family project and convince your kids to give you a hand.


Where to use the ribbons


You do not need to plan a grand crafting project; you only need a roll or more of ribbon, scissors and depending what you have in mind glue and wiring. The wiring can be useful if you wish to create large bows. You will need it to keep them in place or to attach them on pillars, plants, pots and trees. Glue can also be used to attach a small ribbon with a bow firmly on your vintage style pots. The effect is charming, as long as you pick the right type of ribbon, not too small and not too large. Tree branches can be used to hang ribbons and create a mysterious atmosphere. Add some lighting to the décor and you will be able to enjoy your evenings relaxing in your garden.


Mixing designs and colors


If you wish to create a stunning effect with ribbons, you will need to choose an ideal mix. Choose two different colors that will work well together and the whole atmosphere of your garden will change. You can go for multiple colors if you would like, but make sure to choose chromatic colors that go well with each other. Pastel colors for instance will create a nice, welcoming atmosphere without being too overwhelming. If you plan to go for more vivid coloring, it is best to go for one, two or maximum three different colors. The way you choose to mix colors should also be influenced by the type of trees, flowers and plants you have. There is a balance you have to keep, so choosing the ribbons according to the type of garden you have is mandatory. Picking the palette might seem a challenge at first, but you can use a trick to ensure that your garden decoration of not too much, nor too little. You can keep it simple, but add a twist for a dramatic effect. For instance, a ribbon of a warm pastel color with a cute pattern or a sheer gold ribbon will create a beautiful effect contrasting nicely with the green.