Matchless material ideas for completely remodeling your floor

Every a couple of years or so people engage in renovating their houses because they want a change in the scenery or because their current financial situation allows them to finally make some improvements to their living space. Many get tired of the stained and worn out old carpet and orient themselves towards putting in new floors throughout the house instead. Moreover, it is a known fact that carpets are ideal environments for dust mites. Others choose to replace them on a whim, simply because of one or two damages spots, case in which they only need to put in a tile or two. Before commencing the building project, it is necessary to examine possible expenses, advantages and inconveniences that might come with each type of material. Hardwood is the best type of finish that can be used, no matter what reasons for remodeling your downstairs you might have. If this is the direction you are heading towards, make sure to get in touch with hardwood flooring contractors in Ottawa.

Wood is found in a variety of sizes and styles. The basic types every amateur should know are solid and engineered wood. The greatest advantage is that it is immaculate and effortless to maintain, unlike rugs. Only vacuum once in a while. In addition to this, the esthetic aspect of the material gives the vibe a classical vibe that will augment the resale value of the house. When choosing the perfect material for your you, you need to take into consideration the moisture factor. A good illustration of this finish is natural bamboo flooring. This material endures water damage, stains and at the same time is ecologically friendly, given that the recent trend in the construction industry is oriented towards natural materials. At present, hardwood flooring contractors in Ottawa go as far as seeking materials that reflect the client’s individual personality. Bamboo also brings the touch of elegance mentioned before and the cost is just the same as other materials. However, over time it will require occasional refinishing.

Another finish option is laminated floors. The main advantage is that they are only an imitation and thus cost less than the real thing, plus that they last a very long time. The main drawback is that natural materials are expensive and are not for everyone’s pocket. Time is another factor to take account of. Tiles have to be laid in strips and this will take some time. If you have a professional job done, this will only add to the expense list. Eventually, it will lose its shine and in order to polish it, you need a wax machine. Oak in its turn requires extra care to look unblemished. A further disadvantage is that if you walk on the floor only in your socks, you are in danger of slipping and falling. Many types of material are prone to deteriorate due to moisture and it is advisable to use a damp mop when cleaning. Nonetheless, the flooring can be susceptible to damage caused by high heels and pets nails.