Make sure your contractor is legit  

Most people are trying to save money and time when it comes to house renovation, which is why they often make hasty decisions and start working with a scam. If a deal you find seem too good to be true, then you should start wondering and focusing on the legitimacy of the contractor, in order to avoid scams. If you’re looking to renovate the outside of your home (roofing, siding, gutters, or windows) then Tony’s Roofing Services LLC is a smart choice to avoid a scam.

How to hire a legit contractor – Tips on recognizing a professional

The first thing you should do, even before you start the collaboration, is ask for the license of the contractor. If they have passed the Virginia Heavy Highway Exam, then they will be able to show you their license and thus prove that they deliver services in accordance to the national law. Once you receive this confirmation, you can go on to the next stage of the selection process: search for reviews and check their recommendations. A legit contractor will have nothing to fear, and will happily provide you with contacts where you can find out about their previous activity, because they know they delivered a good job and the testimonials will be positive. Checking the references is an important step, but it should not be the only thing you do in order to make sure the contractor is legitimate. In addition to this, you should find out about the company they are working for. You could directly ask them for more details, and if everything is alright, they will have no objection – not to mention that you can analyse their reaction, to see if there is something wrong. Even if everything seems to be fine, you should call the company to confirm you that the contractor really is part of their team. After you start discussing with a contractor, you should insist on a building permit and insurance – a licensed worker will have no issue regarding your request. In the end, remember getting the permit is the contractor’s responsibility, not yours.

How to avoid fake contractors – The first signs of scams

There are a lot of scams available on the market, so you have to pay a lot of attention when you choose the person you will be working with. The first interaction is very important: for instance, if the contractor answers you call and accepts your offer immediately, this may mean that they do not have any project going on at the moment because they are bad workers. If you establish a meeting with them, make sure you see an official seal or mark and observe if they have any objections regarding checking their background. Do not trust people who ask you to pay with cash or say they cannot sign a contract for various reasons, because this is clearly a sign of illegality.

Even if it may seem complicated and time consuming to check all these details, remember that you have to make sure your house is on good hands and you pay for the best services. This is extremely important, because in case something goes wrong, you will be entitled to take legal action.