How to recognise a premium sofa

Some home décor items can be bought at your local flea market and changed every once in a while. We’re talking about small decorations such as vases, wall art, rugs or hangers, things that can be moved in and out of the room, without much effort and without changing its look dramatically. However, some items deserve more thought and consideration and should never be purchased on a whim. These are centrepieces such as leather sofas, which are bought to stay in your house for decades and that should be bought with quality, not price in mind. Granted, a high quality sofa can cost quite a lot, but premium quality always tends to. If you want to make sure your money is well spent, read these tips on how to recognise premium quality leather furniture.

Is it made from real leather?


One of the biggest dilemmas for homeowners is distinguishing between real and fake leather. Unfortunately, there are many stores that have misleading practices. To avoid scams, buy only from professional leather sofa Sydney stores and rely on reputation, not seasonal discounts to gain clients. One way to tell real and fake leather apart is to look carefully at the sofa, including at less visible corners and see if there is any stitching. Real leather sofas are obviously made from various pieces of leather stitched together, so if you cannot see any, then it’s probably a fake. Also, pay attention to the look and feel of the material. Genuine leather is soft and warm and has a typical natural scent, whereas faux leather gives off a somewhat chemical smell. A reliable seller will also have a certificate of authenticity.


Choosing between different types of leather


If you have never purchased a leather sofa before, then you should know that genuine leather comes in several varieties, some better than others. Organic ones are the softest to the touch, whereas pigmented leather has an additional coating that provides more durability, but makes the material prone to light discolorations from the sun. If you do not like these two extremes, then you can go for a sofa made from composite leather, that is a combination between the two. This is usually the chosen course of action by people who want the premium look of a genuine leather sofa without spending a fortune.


How much does a good sofa cost?


From the very beginning, you should know that true quality comes at a cost and that you will have to save a considerable amount of money on a good sofa that can last for years. If you compromise on quality and go for the cheapest option, you might find that your sofa will crack or become less comfortable in a matter of months. If you want to save money, you can purchase a classic, conventional design, or a model from the previous year’s collection, but if you are prepared to splurge, then you can look for manufacturers that sell custom made sofas and avant-garde furniture.