How to move furniture efficiently

Furniture removal has always been the most challenging aspect of moving. Whether we talk about the safety concerns or the difficulty of the task, it is advisable to seek professional help when moving. There are several affordable Slough removals services you can hire to ensure not only that your furniture will be loaded in the truck without a scratch on it, but also that no one gets hurt and a task that will take you hours will be done in minutes. The most efficient and safe way to move furniture is by hiring a team of experts that will not only have the necessary experience, but also the proper equipment to handle the heaviest and most complex furniture. There are certain things you should keep in mind, if you wish your belongings packed and loaded as fast as possible.


Dismantle everything you can

Furniture is not meant to be moved as a whole. First, it should be dismantled and every piece packed individually and placed in the same box to ensure that you will not scratch it during the transportation and that you will be able to assemble it back together without any problem. It is a big difference between moving a big bed frame piece by piece and the bed frame as a whole. You will probably have problems trying to get the bed frame through the door anyways. Even though a piece of furniture is small in size, it can be sturdy and heavy, so you should still disassemble it to minimize your effort and protect your back. What is more, dismantled furniture is easier to organize inside the truck. If you try to get your dresser out without dismantling it first, there is also a change of gouging the floor while pushing it around.


Calculate sizes and distances

Certain furniture, especially antiques, cannot be disassembled and assembled back, so make sure you hire Slough removals services that can guarantee the safety of your furniture. Experience is essential when moving, because a specialist can tell when a piece of furniture is better left in one piece and how to squeeze it through tight places. You will need to calculate the size of the furniture and the distance to the truck perfectly in case you plan to get it out from the window.  It might seem easy at first, but angles need to be taken into consideration when moving furniture, so unless you are a physics and math pro or you have experience with these things, getting the couch out the door without touching and scratching anything is a challenge.


Why teamwork is essential

It always takes two to move furniture, even if you are armed with a dolly. For your safety and the safety of the furniture, you will need to rely on the help of others to move heavy furniture and appliances around. It is not only practically impossible to move around something bigger than yourself, unfortunately humans are not properly equipped for such things like ants are, but you will also risk damaging your back or a bone and ruin your precious belongings.