How to choose and prepare a photo for canvas printing

Canvas prints have gained huge popularity and many even consider them superior to acrylic prints thanks to the fact that photos are transformed into real paintings. Since the results resemble works of art it is no surprise why people prefer to adorn their homes with them. Recent developments are responsible for the wide range of canvas printing available and now the process is done both online and offline, making it accessible to anyone nowadays. Cheap canvases are not that scarce and seeing your images printed and displayed for everyone brings great satisfaction. However, you cannot choose just any image to frame. The challenge is not the method of printing, but rather the selection of photos. After all, you are immortalizing a treasured memory, a recollection of the past. When you make the decision of printing a photo onto a canvas, you have to take into consideration the décor and other little details.

Take your pick

People do not have only one photo stored on their computer, but millions. At present, it is easier to take photos than it would have been in the past since everyone has a mobile phone. Additionally, people love immortalizing special moments in their lives and uploading them on social media platforms, which is a good place to start selecting photos. While you may be very fond of some of them, remember that you cannot include the entire album. Depending on what you want on your wall, sort the photos according to categories such as vacation, weddings and so on. It is advisable to narrow down your favorite choices to three folders, which you can save on the desktop as a reminder. If you are organized, then it will be much easier to find the pictures when you need them.

Pay attention to certain photos

Some of the photos may even require editing, especially if they were taken with older devices. However, you should not despair since there are many methods that help you enlarge photos and restore them to their initial condition. This is done using software such as Photoshop that allows you to play with the images and even add special effects. If you want the pictures to look as if they were new, then you can adjust their size and eliminate the worn out look. On the other hand, if the images do not match the décor, you can also change the color shade of the photo to any one that you prefer, meaning that you can make them darker or lighter. It is even possible to change the color of the background or that of certain elements altogether.

Consider the size and borders

The size and shape of the picture is very important because it determines the final outcome of the print. In other words, a portrait with a rectangular frame is most suitable to accommodate the subject’s form. Additionally, if your main focus is on the face and the upper body, you should opt for a square frame. Landscape photos work best with horizontal frames and remember to leave enough margins because the photo will be stretched over the frame.