Do your homework before traveling to Cancun

Cancun, a Mexican south-eastern city, is considered the pearl of the region, due to its beauty and cultural importance. Annually, millions of individuals from all around the world come here to spend a memorable holiday, and this has transformed Cancun into the first tourist destination in Mexico. The resort is very famous not only due to it breathtaking sights and natural landscapes, but also to its rich historical past. If you have never traveled to Mexico, then you will have to do your homework in advance and learn some relevant details, which will help you have an unforgettable journey.

Local information

The weather of Cancun is mostly sunny, warm and kind of humid, with temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees, during the whole year. The official language is Spanish, but given the fact that the city has a great touristic flow for years, most people can speak English. Furthermore, Cancun is divided in two areas, the one inhabited by locals and the other dedicated to visitors, with luxurious resorts and facilities. There, everybody is used to international visitors, so getting along will not be a problem.


Things to do

The resort is so resourceful, that you will feel like one week is not enough for you to do and see everything. The beach landscapes are incredible; the shopping centers are very luxurious, while the restaurants will tempt you with exquisite dishes made of fresh fish. In addition to this, the city is ideal for all those who love water sports, due to its multiple diving, snorkeling and sailing activities. You can go on a trip to Isla Mujeres and visit the Underwater Museum, an attraction that you will not find anywhere else in the world!  The Maya cultural elements in the region are also quite impressive, and should definitely be included in your itinerary: visit the ruins (Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba), the cenotes and also the Mayan caves. Enjoy the unspoiled environment through a jungle tour and let yourself taken into the paradise of one of the world’s largest biospheres. There are plenty of things to see in Cancun, that you had better make a list before arriving!



The infrastructure in the area is very well organized: there is an International Airport with flights from most of the large cities in the world, as well as multiple shuttle options. However, the simplest way to go from one place to another is public transportation. There are rides for almost any region and the buses leave hourly from the airport towards their destination.